I contributed to Orange Grove Dance's new project Remnants, which premiered at the Kennedy Center on Sunday, March 11.  I worked with Matt to design the two projection systems and program the video. In addition to original video created by Matt Reees, the project included content I created for Orange Grove Dance's previous work, Waking Darkness. Waiting Light.

Remnants is a bridge to the stories that we have been told since we were young and the places we have still never touched. This Orange Grove Dance world premiere takes audiences on a mytho-poetic and dream-like journey that physically conjures up the visual metaphors of the inexhaustible burning hope of the human spirit. What does it mean to start over? What are the things we carry? What survives within us? What is left behind?

Lighting by Peter Leibold
Costumes by Robert Croghan

Antigone Talkback

I was asked to give a short talkback to high school students in Prince George's County about opportunities and careers in theater.  After seeing a matinee of TDPS' Antigone designed by me and other graduate students,  I walked them through the creation of the project, from the perspective of design and all the collaborators involved, and worked to tell them that theater can be so much bigger than the actors on stage!

Antigone TalkBack Small-1.jpg

MilkBoy ArtHouse

The Clarice opened MilkBoy Art House, a restaurant/Venue in College Park.  Kelly and I worked with the creative team to design ongoing video for the upstairs bar space. We created a "selfie-booth" of sorts for people to take pictures with and share.

Broken Glass

I had the opportunity to work with Udi Bar-David on a shoot for Broken Glass by Arthur Miller, premiering at Theatre J in June! He performed his own songs, to be used within the action onstage. Directed by Aaron Posner.

Two-Camera Underwater Shoot

For Waking Darkness. Waiting Light. with Matt Reeves and Colette Krogol, we wanted to create footage of the performers jumping into water. We rented out Eppley Recreation Center's pool and set up a Go Pro and an iPhone 6 on tripods underwater, shooting at 60 frames per second. I was very out of breath!

Geoff Scheil of the Clarice was able to put together this making-of trailer for the production.

Projecting on a Sphere

Investigating relationship to object: Projecting on a sphere. We paid close attention to ways to create video emanating from the surface versus painted on. Created with Rob Siler.

NextNow Fest 2015

Video DJ'd the NextNow Fest Dance Party at The Clarice!

More information here.

Ensemble Caprice at the Met Museum

Ensemble Caprice performed a selection dating to the reign of Rudolph II with period instruments at the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium this week. We projected the artwork of Bartholomeus Spranger to highlight the connection between music and visual art of the time. The performance was in conjunction with the exhibition Bartholomeus Spranger: Splendor and Eroticism in Imperial Prague. Here are a few stills from pre-show.

IMG_1212 edit.jpg
IMG_1207 edit.jpg